Trentodoc, Trentino SpA
Project completed for Minale Tattersfield

Following their highly acclaimed branding for Lake Garda, Minale Tattersfield were asked to create a category brand for Trentino’s famous Champagne-method sparkling wines. Scoring highly against Moet Chandon and other Champagnes, these wines are high quality product, produced by 27 different heritage producers including Ferrari, Cavit and Rotari. In the changing climate that we now live in, the Italians are planting vines higher and higher up the mountains to achieve the best results whereas the warmer, flatter regions growing these vines elsewhere can now find their quality compromised.

We completed our five-stage branding process of research and analysis, strategic direction, the big idea, creative development, design and application. The research periods included interviews and desk analysis and we ran a creative workshop with 12 of the 27 producers to draw out key insights and create a brand that was truly authentic. A stronghold of family companies, artisan approaches passed down from generation to generation, and an aura of creative mystique brought real colour and personality to the final result. The logo reflects the remuage technique of turning the bottles daily as part of the sparkling wine method.

The name, logo and subtle labelling are an understated counterfoil to the wider ranging concepts for ice bars, exhibitions and sales strategies. It’s a brand that delivers different opportunities for each of its producers and joins them together by giving them a category within which they can differentiate their varied brands. With a strategy and positioning in place, decisions around price, marketing strategies and sales targets all fell into place – allowing the Trentino producers a stake in a bigger future with more clearly defined growth potential.

Other brand identity clients include::
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