Gurmukh at Triyoga

Another lovely weekend on grace, vitality and happiness with Gurmukh at Triyoga. The fourth course I’ve done with her and they don’t get any easier! Five strenuous sessions of physical activity, psychological reflection and the confrontation of one’s inner demons. But there is no doubt that a cleansing takes place. The sense of achievement for getting through each session is huge but longer term physical benefits and emotional peace come after. Meditation this week has been deep and far less challenging than is often the case. At the same time, I’m also aware that I am giving deep thought to other issues that are clearly now at the surface. Growing and developing in life is about facing challenges, acting on them, and moving forwards. Not brushing them under the carpet and hoping they’ll go away. Grief and pain at the surface can be dealt with – grief and pain buried and ignored can’t be! So, let’s welcome tough times in the knowledge that peace and ease will follow. Yoga is about union – uniting with yourself can seem far harder than uniting with someone else – but it’s a union worth making! Thank you, Gurmukh; happy teaching in Antwerp and hope to see you again soon!